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JD Drew's grand slam in the ALCS is a great
example staying on the ball and
through contact
.  Notice the hips turning with
the back foot, yet his head and bat are on the ball!
Perfect Power 'V'
notice the top hand (left palm up)
The finish is
balanced.  Front
foot is closed
Helton starts his swing with his
lower body and the barrel of the
bat is above his hands!
Nixon and Sizemore are great at and through contact.  Sizemore (left)
is a little softer on his front leg, which is better for contact hitters.  Stiff
front leg and lean is only for the super strong.
The ball has left the
bat.  Ortiz shows nice
flex in his arms.  He's
inside the ball and
exploding through.  
Softer on his front side
but good power with
his back foot and hip
Manny can hit!  Look at the finish.  Short to it.  Long through it.