Lesson are given by appointment only.  Bases Loaded uses our entire staff to work
with all of our players.  While one lesson can't hurt, we recommend doing lessons in
blocks of four, weekly if possible.   
--->Private 30 min (hitting, pitching, catching, or basic fielding) - $30     
(One player is optimal for private 1/2 hr lessons.)

--->Goup Hitting 1-hour (3 - 4 players/ 1 instructor )   $20 per child

---->Off-Season Hitting Program - starts October 16th 2016
The 1
5 week program includes:
Basics review
video analysis
professional instructors,
games and contests
quarterly progress reports
Cost is $330 for Group Program
50 for a weekly 30minute private
Sign-Ups start August 1st
Lessons and Instruction
Baseball/ Softball School
4220 Midland Rd.
Christiana, TN 37037