The Off-Season Programs consist of two options:
Starting Date is October 16, 2016

Option #1 - Join our hitting groups.  Any player signing up for our group
hitting program is placed in a group with
other players.  Each hitting
group meets once a week for an hour
for 15 weeks.  Same time, same
day.  Groups do not meet during school holidays.   The cost is $330 for
new students, $300 for returning students.  

Option #2 - Secure a private lesson each week.
(limited availability)  
Players wanting a private lesson each week also are given a day and
time that they will workout during each week.  It is a 1
5 week
commitment as well.  During private instruction the player can work to
develop any skill.  Hitting, pitching, basic fielding and throwing, or
catching.  The cost of a private 30 minute session is $30.  Private hour
sessions are $

Off-Season Instruction includes:

Basics review
video analysis
professional instructors,
games and contests
quarterly progress reports
Off-Season Programs
Bases Loaded Baseball/ Softball
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